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Success consists of the fact that one has exactly the abilities, which are in demand for the moment. (Henry Ford, 1863-1947)










We offer our clients creative, individual and integrated solutions for supply chain, engineering and manufacturing. Be it on the global scale, on the local market, for one rush delivery of components, at the start up level or for existing business – we are your partner, from the idea to the complete solution. Our broad range of services enables effective optimization of procurement, R&D and industrialization processes to deliver superior returns for international corporations, leading medium-sized companies as well as start-ups.

Our staff have long-term experience and deep understanding of purchasing operations, manufacturing practices, organizational structures and an extensive range of commercial and technical know-how.
We conduct the mandates assigned to us with the maximum level of professionalism. As a reliable service provider and responsible partner, we attach a great deal of value to permanent and transparent customer relationships.

The principles, which form the basis of our company's successful work, are:

- transparency
- accountability
- innovation

As a professional consultancy company for supply chain, engineering and production solutions, we know that integrated thinking and an optimal combination of suitable measures are essential for success in that field. We advise our clients in a target-oriented, independent and honest manner. The requirements of our clients are at the fore of our efforts at all times.

Supply Chain Management



SPEC UG is committed to providing support when and where it is needed in the field of supply chain management – from finding the right raw materials through supply of components and assembling services into finished products that are delivered to the end customers. With our knowledgeable, experienced staff we are able to support our clients in identification, evaluation and implementation of most suitable suppliers as well as to deliver innovative supply chain strategies and solutions that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.

Whether it is providing a rush delivery of components to get equipment operational or to support in total product life-cycle services, SPEC UG stands ready to support its customers.




SPEC UG is glad to support in the field of production – from providing a rapid prototype of component through the right manufacturing method selection (CNC machining, fabricated metal sheets, plastic injection molding and packaging) or evaluate existing production method.

With our experienced manufacturing engineers we are able to support our clients in identification and evaluation of the best manufacturing method for their products to help maximize their return on investment.

Whether it is providing a rush delivery of functional model or support in obtaining the right tooling for manufacturing,  SPEC UG is proud to help its customers.




SPEC UG offers tailored, innovative services to support the product development teams in the context of design for manufacturability, assembly and packaging. Our team of designers advise and help to ensure the right things are being done at the right time in the designing process.

Our experienced staff performs design studies to generate innovative concepts for the design of both versatile products and efficient production systems.

Whether it is simply providing a set of drawings or developing manufactured products right the first time, redesigning existing products or next generation designs, SPEC UG is pleased to assist its customers.



SPEC UG offers a large range of consulting services including training, coaching and mentoring in the context of supply chain management, production as well as engineering.

Our experienced consulting engineers are professionals that provide independent know-how in engineering, science as well as supply and related areas to our customers.

Whether it is simply providing an analysis of part cost reduction/quality improvement, illustrating how to make the most from lessons learned from previous/similar projects, organizing seminars about the latest technical standards or setting up sessions about the latest supply chain strategies and solutions that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets, SPEC UG is available to support its customers.


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